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FEBRUARY 24th 2023 marks the beginning of a new Era!

THE BOYSCOUT will release his new Single "THE MOMENT OF OUR LOVE"

A Cover of the 2003 Worldwide Hit for the Finish Supergroup NEGATIVE.

This Song is a Hommage to the Band NEGATIVE because their Influence

into my Music was fucking big. I love the Guys, their Attitude and their

Style, but more than that i love their Music!

So thank you for the Music! I hope you'll like it!

THE MOMENT OF OUR LOVE is also the first Single from the upcoming Super

Album of THE BOYSCOUT. This will be huge!

In the next month THE BOYSCOUT will release one new Single every month.

@ the End of 2023 or early 2024 the new Album "THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE"

will see the Light of the Day!

An enormous Amount of high Quality New Songs , some of The Boyscout's

"old" Songs and a lot of Covers of Bands that influenced THE BOYSCOUT to

become the Man and Musician he is today!

There will be Special Package as you never seen it before!

So for Now...enjoy THE MOMENT OF OUR LOVE and stay tuned for whats

about to come....



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